Barbara Vanderbilt and Richard Curewitz

Barbara Vanderbilt and Richard Curewitz

We started Gothic Tile in 1989 with a desire to coordinate tiles and wood. We specialize in sculptured relief tiles as well as all forms of ceramic field tiles. Since that time, we have branched out into custom furniture, pastel painting, and many varieties of combination work.

Our tiles, pastels and furniture are available direct from us, and many are carried by custom tile and design retail galleries and stores, including Ann Sacks Tile and many dealers across the country. This website is intended to provide you with an overview of our capabilities in terms of size, shape, color and design, and will allow you and your designer or architect to attain high quality results.

We make all sizes of field (flat) tiles, which can be used on floors, walls, showers, pools, counters, fireplaces – in fact any surface you want! These field tiles can be any size or shape up to 12 x 12 and they can be cut in patterned designs for an inset (or “rug”) for a floor or an all-over design. They can be cut in straight lines or curves. Moldings are also available in many standard and custom profiles to accentuate any installation.

Our specialty is in relief – or raised design tiles. We have many different designs in our line – many of which you can see on our concept boards. We also do custom relief murals of any size – which can be used around a fireplace, behind a stove or on any wall.

We have over 90 colors in our line and these can be either a matte or gloss finish. Our tiles are made of stoneware clay and are fired to around 2,200 degrees F.

We also work in terra cotta clay, which is a low-fire red clay. Relief designs take on an old world look when this clay is finished with an iron oxide stain. We recently have incorporated a black, terra cotta clay into our line which can add a lot of drama to an installation. Many of our designs originated as requests from customers. We always welcome your ideas and input.

We still coordinate tiles in wood pieces and produce such items as mirrors, coat racks and tables. Delft painting is used on tiles that go into some tables as well. Richard also makes custom furniture, which you view under the Furniture Gallery. The furniture is sold from our studio at retail prices plus freight and handling. We would welcome, please contact him for details.

Barbara has spent the last several years producing pastel paintings on a wide variety of subjects, has been shown at several galleries and juried shows, and has won a number of awards for her work. The paintings are nearly all for sale and can be viewed in the Pastels gallery. Please inquire for prices, or for discussions of particular topics should you wish to commission a piece.